Future vision - Isah Business Software

Future vision

Our aim with our business software is to allow manufacturing companies to remain engaged in a rapidly changing and globally competitive market. A market where the demands in terms of speed, efficiency and flexibility are ever increasing.

Ongoing development

We invest regularly in Research & Development and optimise the business software via Scrum with short, fast releases. This means that our solution is always up-to-date and meets the sector’s latest demands and requirements. Customer benefits from this: the evolutionary development of the product ensures changes are not so demanding for the organisation. The result is an IT solution that meets the latest -demands and requirements. Furthermore, our business software enables manufacturing companies to compete (inter)nationally.


Isah operates globally in all sectors of the manufacturing industry Our customers benefit directly from the practical experience we have accumulated. Isah has global partnerships with leading stakeholder organisations and knowledge institutes. We are thus there at the start of changes in the manufacturing industry. We share this knowledge with our clients.

Worldwide support

Isah aims to serve its customers worldwide in all relevant markets. We do with via a worldwide partner network and local partnerships with governments and sector organisations. One good example of this is MAP programme initiated by Isah whereby we collaborate with various sector organisations and governments to raise the manufacturing industry to a higher plane.