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Integration is the common thread running through the engineering process. CAD and PDM applications form an integrated part of the total business process. With Isah Engineering, you benefit from interactive data exchange between the CAD and PDM application and the functions in the ERP application.

Strategic benefits of engineering integration


Rapid information exchange

Time-saving and error reduction

Dynamic collaboration

More efficient business process

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One of the unique features of Isah engineering solution is the engineering bill of materials. This list gives you insight into the link between products ‘as engineered’ and ‘as built’. By defining the design in the production phase in various steps, separate elements can be linked to specific phases and changes can be fed back from ‘as built’ to ‘as engineered’. This means that you have a complete and up-to-date overview of the product history at all times.


Isah allows for integration with other applications. This means that you can, for example, open and use Isah screens in your PDM application or transfer information from Isah to your CAD application. Thanks to the import and export function, information can be exchanged between your CAD/PDM application and Isah.

Integrating standard articles via permanent articles: by recording the details of standard articles, you can quickly manufacture them again.

Synchronise one-off products via the engineering bill of materials: for one-off products, the 3D-model from CAD can be recorded in engineering items. Combining the engineering items with standard parts gives you a structure of standard and customer-specific parts.

Advanced and controlled integration with your engineering environment: with the integration between your CAD/PDM application and Isah, the CAD/PDM bill of materials can be transferred to the production calculation in Isah. You can do this by transferring articles or an engineering bill of materials to the production calculation.

Stinis manufactures and develops lifting equipment. The development of new products makes this innovative company highly competitive in the global market. The integration of Engineering within Isah Business Software has made the time to market for new products short. As a result, Stinis is able to respond quickly and competitively to market and customer requirements. Isah has helped Stinis to achieve a strong increase in turnover, particularly in Asia.