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Isapp CRM

With the Isapp CRM, the customer details saved in Isah are immediately available on every mobile device, any time, anywhere. Isapp is ideal for customer visits: it contains precisely the details that are useful, such as sales quotations and orders, service reports, products supplied, and of course addresses and contacts. During the meeting, notifications can be created immediately so that internal sales can get to work at once. It’s more efficient and means no more missed opportunities.

All customer data immediately at hand

Relevant documents available during the meeting

Create new notifications and actions at once

Optimal use of sales opportunities

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The Isapp CRM gives you access to the most up-to-date data about your customer – any time, anywhere. Schedule customer visits the smart way? The map shows you which visits you can easily combine with each other. Search for the latest information so that you go into a meeting well-prepared? All the important details about your customer are shown in an orderly manner, including the various addresses and contact persons, plus a route planner.

You can also modify or add to data or add new customers and prospects – wherever you are. This means that your CRM system is continually enriched with valuable information. This is of course also the case for creating new notifications and actions. Hand-written notes from internal sales can get lost, but the Isapp CRM remembers everything. So the app also serves as an aide-mémoire for you and your colleagues.

And you won’t forget important documents again. All that details are neatly together. If the customer then asks for information or a quotation during the meeting, this can be recorded immediately via the app. Including all subsequent actions that need to be taken. Or does the customer have a complaint? You can make an immediate note of it so that handling of the complaint can start immediately. So you really won’t miss any opportunities. That saves costs and reduced processing times. The Isapp CRM indispensable in this sense too! It is important to ensure your people have proper training first, so that they can get the best use out of the app. But Isah of course offers free training course for that.

  • You can quickly find the right client: simply scroll down the list of names and use the search function to filter a specific name.
  • Your customers can be clearly organised, using different colours per salesperson, group or sector.
  • Starting from the general overview, you can simply navigate to all current quotations and orders, service notifications, planned activities and the complete overview of all communication with any particular customer.
  • In the cockpit is a a summary of the information linked to the customer. This gives you an immediate and complete picture of the situation for your client. From this cockpit, you can zoom in on any underlying details.
  • You can directly request and download the linked documents per customer, quotation, order or outstanding invoice. Everything is available: general documents, quotations, order confirmations, photos and invoices.
  • In ‘My actions’, all actions are sorted by date. All the information is shown clearly.

Using Isapp CRM, you always have your customer data at hand, any time, anywhere. Various applications help you find the right customer quickly. Simply scroll down the list of names and use the search function to filter straight to a specific name. Isapp CRM is indispensable for effective and smooth client contact. Because all the data is in the app, it is easier to set priorities.

Always up-to-date

The Isapp CRM therefore keeps information complete and up-to-date at all times. Due to the simplicity with which data can be amended and supplemented, your system will always be up to date!

Isapp mijn acties CRM

All your customer data available at all times, including:

  • Addresses and contacts
  • Notifications and actions
  • Sales quotations
  • Sales orders
  • Sales contracts
  • Turnover
  • Outstanding invoices
  • Service objects
  • Service reports
  • Service contracts
  • Articles
  • Selections