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Service is playing a key role for more and more businesses in all sorts of sectors. Effective handling of service and maintenance activities improves customer satisfaction, engagement with your market and a competitive edge that differentiates you. Isah Service supports you in recording, planning and analysing your service and maintenance-related data and activities. In this way, you guarantee customer satisfaction, the quality of your products and of your service delivery. You also increase efficiency within your organisation.

Strategic benefits of Isah Service

All relevant service information immediately available

Greater efficiency in service

Focus on preventive maintenance to improve customer satisfaction

More turnover from service

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Isah Service is fully integrated in Isah. Thanks to the choice of options which the Isah Service offers you, you can organise your service process fully in line with your own requirements. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), service contracts, property management and property lease are just a few of the possible applications.

With Isah Service, service delivery has access to all relevant information at any time and anywhere. This includes products supplied per customer, engineering drawings, available stock and service contracts agree. This allows better planning and more efficient delivery of your service. Isah Service provides insight elements that are liable to failure. By practising preventive maintenance here, you can prevent failures and increase customer satisfaction. You cannot derive any further turnover form service because it is clear what you charge for from every service assignment.

Using Isah Service also guarantees your traceability. This is because the application offers extensive registration options for unique articles. With just one press of the button, you can see precisely where the various objects are. It is also ways to search in which objects particular articles are being processed. Quality guaranteed.

Success story of Aeronamic

Aeronamic designs, develops, manufactures, maintains and delivers air management systems for the aerospace industry. The quality and high reliability of air-powered systems in the service management system are critical. Thanks to Isah, Aeronamic has immediate insight into information about which systems are installed in which aircraft and what maintenance has been carried out. Aeronamic has counted major aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing, McDonnell Douglas and Bombardier among its clients for many years.