Financial data

Our software allows our customers to run their business processes efficiently and effectively, both internally and throughout the chain, which makes our software crucial for their business continuity. It is therefore important that Isah has a financially sound foundation that ensures continuity and further development of its software.

Isah’s business is built on its core principles of a ‘long-term vision’ and ‘continuity’. We have an extensive base of loyal customers who ensure a substantial annual turnover. Every year, we welcome dozens of new customers, and our existing customers are increasing their use of our standard software.

From its incorporation in 1987, Isah has had a long-term vision aimed at controlled growth of its turnover and profit. The graphs below show the effects of this strategy. Also in 2020, Isah managed to realize this continued growth, and this trend is expected to continue in the coming years as a result of Isah’s continued focus on its long-term objectives.

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Gross profit


Equity / Debt ratio

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