Supply Chain Integration powers smart and efficient communication with customers and suppliers

In 2016, Isah partnered with various market players to launch the Fieldlab ‘The Smart Connected Supplier Network’. The main objective of this partnership was to simplify and further digitize information sharing between customers and suppliers in the chain without being hampered by the fact that the parties in that chain are using different ERP systems. To make this a reality, the Fieldlab developed the SCSN standard, which is based on the UBL format that is used around the world. Isah also offers the ability to convert SCSN messages into other XML formats and EDI, which allows you to work with Supply Chain Integration and use ERP also outside the walls of your organization.

Fast & reliable information exchange

  • Send purchase orders & import sales orders
  • Send sales order confirmations & import purchase order confirmations
  • Send sales invoices & import purchase invoices

Efficient communication with customers & suppliers

  • Exchange orders, confirmations and invoices more quickly
  • Less prone to errors
  • See the status & get control over the process

Smart Industry in practice

  • Smart communication in the chain
  • Faster response times enable faster delivery times
  • Cost reduction

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