Isah supports companies in the maritime cluster in their drive to continuously improve performance in the supply chain

The Dutch maritime industry is large, diversified and has a leading position in the world. Many companies within the maritime technology and the on- and offshore industry manage their activities with Isah. Some leading multinationals in the sector manage their sales, projects, production and service with Isah. Multicompany management and keeping a grip on international projects is at the core of working with Isah.

We see the drive in the maritime industry to continuously improve performance in the supply chain. Isah make ensures that you can quickly exchange information between different ERP systems within the supply chain. With Isah Shop Floor Control, progress and production can be digitally controlled and monitored. In addition, all information is available in real time, which significantly reducing the risk of errors. The Product Configurator and the integration of your CAD/PDM application supports both engineer to order and configure to order.

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