Gain clear customer insights with the CRM App

The Isah CRM App ensures that your employees always have the necessary customer data at their fingertips while on the go.


All customer data at hand 

The Isah CRM App ensures access to the most current customer data at any given time and place. It's convenient for your sales representatives while on the move, allowing them to quickly catch up on the latest information and ensure that they are well-prepared for their next appointments. All relevant documents are readily available, providing a clear overview of their ongoing actions.


Convenience is key

The CRM App on your sales representatives' tablets displays the most important information on a clear dashboard. You can effortlessly move from the main overview to access current quotations, orders, service notifications, scheduled activities, and an overview of all communications with the respective customer. You can change or add data directly from these overviews.


The benefits of the Isah CRM App.

A great customer experience starts with a clear overview. Thanks to the Isah CRM application, your employees are always up-to-date and can create notifications and actions from anywhere, allowing prompt responses from colleagues in the office. 

Discover the Isah CRM App for a more efficient customer service.

Ready for a more efficient approach? 

Your organization can also achieve smooth customer contact by making smart use of CRM. Curious about the possibilities? Our specialists are here to assist and think along with you.