Web Portal

Improve customer interaction with the Isah Web Portal

Enhance customer interaction by utilizing the Isah Web Portal that integrates seamlessly with your ERP system. This empowers customers to become more self-reliant and significantly improves the quality of services that your organization offers. 


Integration of operations and e-commerce

The Isah Web Portal, created in collaboration with Solvisoft, aligns perfectly with Isah's functionalities and procedures. It seamlessly integrates the operational aspects within Isah with the requirements of customers in sales and service.


Gain insight using “my environment”

This personalized environment enables your customers or distributors to view, approve, reject, or modify quotations and orders. Any changes made are instantly updated in Isah, reducing the workload on your organization's back office while elevating the quality of your service. It allows your customers to access their environment whenever they need to.



There are various ways for customers to purchase new items, spare parts and consumables. They can search directly within the product range, assemble products using a configurator, or select from an installed-base environment. The available stock of articles within Isah is continuously updated in realtime.


Service portal

Through our Service Portal, when a customer orders and receives a machine, we create a complete record of the machine's parts and structure, known as the 'as-built' structure. Any changes made, such as replacing parts, create an updated record known as the 'as-maintained' structure. Our Isah Web Portal allows customers to instantly check their product's current status. With this system, customers can easily request spare parts and report service issues.


The benefits of an Isah Web Portal.

Thanks to the Isah Web Portal, you can give your customers and distributors easy access to a personal environment in which they can arrange matters independently.

Discover a better customer service with Isah Web Portal. 

Ready to empower customers to be more self-sufficient?

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