Mobile Field Service

Manage service employees digitally

With Isah Mobile Field Service, you enable a streamlined approach in managing service requests by facilitating digital task registration for your service employees. 


All information available

Central to Mobile Field Service is the access to comprehensive order data, an imperative for service employees to effectively carry out their tasks.

This detailed information is conveniently organized across multiple tabs, encompassing order numbers, customer details, contact information, and a memo field outlining the tasks to be completed by the service personnel.

Furthermore, past service orders are easily accessible, along with the precise work location. This comprehensive data includes customer specifics, object details, and specific service notifications, ensuring all necessary information is available for efficient service delivery.


Digital Registration

Beyond accessing order data, service employees also rely significantly on digital registration. This functionality allows them to enter the hours spent on the task and the materials used directly within the app. By recording this data immediately, mistakes are less likely to occur, such as forgetting to register certain materials.

If any particularities arise during the execution of a service order, the technician can note them using comments in Mobile Field Service. Additionally, they can upload documents like photos or test reports using the application. Moreover, they can create an action for a colleague to address or follow up on. 


Fast processing

Upon task completion, the service employee can digitally obtain the customer's signature for the assignment. Subsequently, the assignment is closed and immediately visible to the internal department of your company to be dealt with administratively. 


The benefits of Isah Mobile Field Service.

Your service employees have digital access to all information regarding scheduled service tasks. This encompasses linked documents and the service history associated with those tasks.

Explore how service employees can digitally register their hours and materials conveniently. 

Ready to get started with efficient service handling?

Your organization can also effectively manage its service employees, boosting customer satisfaction. Curious about the possibilities? Our specialists are here to assist and think along with you.