Construction supply

Excellent project and production control of your construction projects

Construction projects require continuous insight into the current planning and the consequences for production, purchasing, delivery and assembly. You can monitor this via Isah's project planning and production planning functionalities.


Integrated tools for the construction industry

Isah's customers in the building supply and construction industry specialize in numerous products and technologies. These include doors, windows, wall systems, steel structures, elevators, stairs, landings and technical building systems.

Thanks to Isah ERP, construction companies can react quickly to changes in construction schedules and translate them into potential bottlenecks in purchasing, production or inventory. The result is the resolution of these bottlenecks in order to achieve a realistic planning. Do you also have your own assembly team? With Isah Mobile Field Service, assembly can be digitally controlled. And the financial status of your project and company can also be viewed in realtime.

Isah for the construction industry gives you the integrated tools you need to perform at your best. 


With the help of Isah ERP software, construction companies experience more efficiency.

Ready to work more efficiently and with greater flexibility?

Your organization can also spend less time with processes and procedures and invest more in your product or services.