Shop Floor Control

Optimize production processes with Isah Shop Floor Control

Isah Shop Floor Control provides your organization with complete insight into the progress of ongoing orders.


Enhance Efficiency

Through touchscreens located on the production floor, every employee precisely knows the tasks they need to carry out for the completion of an order. All necessary information is readily visible on the screen, eliminating the need for printing production documents or drawings.


Always up-to-date

Thanks to Shop Floor Control, the registration of hours and tasks happens in realtime. That way, your organization always precisely knows the status of each order. All departments within your company can access this information.  


Efficient overview of pending tasks

All orders within Shop Floor Control are sorted by start date, level of priority, or a specific feature you set yourself. Distinct colors indicate whether all necessary materials for an order are available and whether the preceding operations are complete. That way, employees can immediately see which orders require attention. 


Smart Shop Floor Control

Does your company utilize automated machinery that operates continuously without human intervention? Can these machines directly communicate with other software? If so, Shop Floor Control allows you to autonomously manage these machines, eliminating the need for manual control. Within Isah, you have immediate visibility into machine start and stop times, as well as their production output.


The benefits of Shop Floor Control.

Isah Shop Floor Control enhances your efficiency by seamlessly integrating digital planning into your workplace. This significantly benefits both production and delivery speeds.

Read all about a smart and efficient operations using Shop Floor Control. 

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