Guarantee your service quality with Isah Service

With Isah Service, you support the entire product life cycle with one powerful ERP solution.


Access all relevant service information

An effective approach to service and maintenance activities significantly boosts customer satisfaction. The Isah Service product line supports you in registering, planning, and analyzing all service- and maintenance-related data and tasks. Thanks to the customization options, you can fully tailor your service processes to your preferences. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Service Contracts, Object Management, and Object Rental are just a few of the potential applications available.


Respond with flexibility

Isah provides comprehensive data in case of a fault report or customer inquiry. This includes the product's as-built structure, maintenance records, as-maintained structure, customer details, and specific agreements. Scheduling a service technician becomes effortless. They can efficiently manage their service tasks by using Mobile Field Service. 

The visual planning board offers a clear overview, enabling quick identification of everyone's location at a glance.


Traceability: for the best quality

Many companies rely on recording and tracing unique items to ensure top-quality products. It's crucial to always know which parts are used in specific items, especially for companies producing sensitive equipment in industries like medical or aviation. Isah Service simplifies this process with its comprehensive registration system for unique objects. With a single click, you can easily see where different items are located and find out which articles are used in particular items.


The benefits of Isah Service.

Streamline your service processes effortlessly with an integrated solution. The key advantage lies in having all essential information readily available within your ERP system.

Discover how one powerful ERP solution supports the entire product life cycle. 

Ready for efficient service management?

Your organization can also intelligently adopt an integrated service solution. Curious about the possibilities? Our specialists are here to assist and think along with you.