Time Registration

Efficient time management and operational insights with Isah Time Registration

Isah Time Registration provides a convenient method for managing employees' working hours within your organization.


Simple hour registration

Employees can efficiently log their worked or absent hours weekly within Isah Time Registration. A clear weekly statement displays all entered hours, providing immediate visibility into whether a weekly statement is complete or not. Overtime can also be processed this way.


Integrated solution

Hours logged through Isah Shop Floor Control or Isah Mobile Field Service are seamlessly integrated into Isah Time Registration, facilitating a comprehensive overview. This is especially convenient for employees who perform tasks beyond production activities.


Requesting leave

Through a separate screen, employees can view a summary of their submitted leave requests, as well as their current leave balance. Via a few simple steps, they can request leave themselves. The requested hours are immediately deducted from the leave balance. Icons represent the status of the leave request for easy visualization.


Functionality for managers

Managers, within the Isah Time Registration desktop interface, can review and approve their employees' weekly statements. Leave requests can also be approved or declined here. Subsequently, the employee sees the adjusted status of the leave request in their overview.


The benefits of Isah Time Registration.

Isah Time Registration allows for quick insight into the allocated hours across departments, projects, and activities. This information enables timely adjustments if necessary.

Discover efficient time management with Isah Time Registration.

Ready to easily register hours and leave?

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