Realtime financial insight with an integrated solution

There is a financial aspect to everything that happens within the primary processes of manufacturing companies. That is why Isah offers an integrated financial solution specifically for the manufacturing industry.


Integrated operations 

Much of what happens in your company's production and logistics processes has a financial component. With Isah Finance, these transactions are automatically booked into your financial accounts. From the logbook entry and pending items, it is possible to navigate directly to the underlying sales or purchase invoices.

The functionality of notifications & actions also enables digital communication from the finance department with other divisions. There is integral insight within the company into debtor and creditor issues.


Processing and steering

Isah Finance serves two primary purposes. Firstly, it facilitates 'processing', helping you to account for things immediately and to comply with legal requirements and regulations. This ensures comprehensive records for organized accounts. For example, tasks like booking purchase invoices and liabilities, managing depreciation on investments, allocating costs based on type, and handling the recording and processing of recharged and paid VAT are being streamlined.

The second key function is 'steering'. Isah Finance offers valuable financial insights, enabling the identification of issues and proactive planning. It supports businesses by translating organizational performance into financial metrics, analyzing data, and creating clear reports using Microsoft PowerBI. This establishes a robust groundwork for steering the organization effectively.


The benefits of Isah Finance.

Thanks to Isah Finance's modern user interface and the fact that the application is very intuitive to use, you can easily create customized views.  

Explore Isah Finance for a more efficient financial administration 

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