SCSN & Supply Chain Integrator

Minimize manual tasks and prevent errors with SCSN

Supply chain integration allows you to collaborate smartly and efficiently with customers and suppliers.


Enhance Efficiency

By electronically exchanging order notifications, confirmations, and invoices between your ERP system and that of your customer or supplier, you can optimize data processing, reducing the workload for your staff and mitigating potential errors.


Configurable per customer or supplier

You can easily set up with which customers and suppliers you want to communicate digitally. This allows you to start your SCSN experience with a specific party initially, and then expand it to include other customers or suppliers as needed.


Customize your order workflow 

When your master data aligns with that of your customer or supplier, you can choose a 'happy flow,' where you receive immediate confirmations, automatically progressing the order status. Prefer reviewing orders beforehand? Within Isah you have the option to use a screen that displays messages for your assessment. The choice is entirely up to you.


Monitoring changes

Any suggested order changes from customer or supplier are displayed in a dedicated review screen within Isah. This feature supports the process of always approving or rejecting changes correctly. 


The benefits of SCSN.

Thanks to SCSN & the Isah Supply Chain Integrator, you can work with even greater efficiency, as your customer and supplier data seamlessly integrates into your ERP-system, streamlining operations. 

Discover chain integration using SCSN & the Isah Supply Chain Integrator. 

Ready for smarter collaborations? 

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