Isah implementations within time and budget

ERP implementations have a reputation for being late and expensive. Based on years of experience, Isah has developed an implementation methodology that ensures our implementation projects are successful and completed on time and on budget.


Start-up phase

We break the implementation process into manageable and controllable phases, where one phase must be completed and approved before a subsequent phase can begin.

The goal of the start-up phase is to ensure proper project preparation and clarity for:

- Project approach
- Resources required
- Functionality to be implemented
- Planning and budget
- Tasks, responsibilities and role distribution
- Prerequisites

It is important to have a good understanding of each other's expectations.


Pilot phase

The pilot phase focuses on creating the solution that will be used in your manufacturing company. For this purpose, working sessions are held in which the various processes and order flows are discussed in detail, possibly supported by illustrations of the Isah application and, if necessary, of your current system.

Based on these discussions, the Isah consultant will gradually develop the solution that will adequately support the process flow of all identified order flows.

To support the work sessions, an introductory training course for key users will be provided at the beginning of this phase to explain the standard concepts, terminology and basic operation of Isah.



The goal of this phase is to bring the project group to a level where they can independently perform regular work and processes in the Isah application. In addition, the solution realized in the pilot phase will be fine-tuned where necessary, and preparations for the launch phase will be made.

In terms of time, the realization phase is the most critical phase of the project. ‘’Flight hours" need to be made and elaborations need to take place. Deliverables for this phase include

- Procedures & work instructions
- Conversion plan
- Set-up production environment
- Training plan
- Transition Scenario Roadmap
- Integral testing
- Launch decisions


Launch and aftercare

In this phase, end users are trained based on work instructions. The transition scenario created in the previous phase is implemented and after filling Isah with master data, the system is ready to go live.  

After Isah is put into use and a first successful month-end closing has taken place, the project is closed. A transfer takes place to an Isah Business Consultant for the purpose of ongoing support.


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