Work integrated with multiple companies in one ERP system

Many manufacturing companies deal with different business entities for example for sales, production and/or service activities. By working in Isah multicompany, you can easily manage the administrations of these entities in one environment.


Multi-entity management in one accounting system

Isah's business software is a powerful tool for managing multiple business administrations. It centrally manages financial master data, such as customers (debtors), suppliers (creditors), and general ledger. This makes it easy for administrations to selectively use this data.

Transactions of all business entities can be consolidated into multiple structures, and mutual transactions can be eliminated.

Also foreign entities can be consolidated, even if they have their own schedule.



Overview across your businesses and customers

When orders and projects are interrelated within the various entities of your organization, you can benefit from have one central database. Within Isah business software, this allows you to keep an overview of the as-designed, as-built and as-maintained structure of your customers' objects.


The following companies preceded you in an international ERP solution from Isah:

Learn how to work more efficiently with multiple business entities using Isah's ERP software.

Ready to work integrally with multiple companies?

Your organization can also save time on the administration of your various business entities. Curious about the possibilities? Our specialists are here to assist and think along with you.