Steel manufacturing

Better returns with Isah ERP software

Isah has extensive experience in the steel manufacturing industry. With the integrated ERP solution, you can optimize your company's production and assembly planning. In addition, with Isah you will benefit from an integrated overview of your projects.


Project management and CAD & PDM data support

Companies manufacturing steel structures for utilities and industry have long been supported by Isah ERP software. This also applies to specialized greenhouse construction. The characteristic calculation methods, production and project management processes make the business automation of steel construction companies specific. Isah provides the right tools.

For example, the CAD and PDM data within your projects (whether provided by your customers or created by your own organization) are part of Isah's integral automation for steel construction.


Everything up-to-date

With Isah's planning and Shop Floor Control functionality, you can optimize production. Projects and orders are cleverly broken down and clustered back into segments to be produced together.

These parts are combined into construction groups, which are assembled in such a way that the assembly or installation within your project is optimally planned.

And all of this is integrally controlled by Isah ERP software.


With the help of Isah ERP software, metal companies experience greater efficiency on a daily basis.

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