Traceability and integration with machinery

The electronics industry is first and foremost a high technology industry. Product and production innovation is in the DNA of the people. With Isah ERP, all important processes are perfectly supported.


Excellence in logistical performance

Controlling processes in high-tech electronics companies requires a secure ERP solution. Isah provides the right tools. For example, Isah enables electronics companies to manage their specialty items. Think about alternative components, bill of materials and substitutes.

Traceability can also be perfectly secured. Thanks to the control of the coding of the various suppliers and manufacturers of components and cross-reference data.


Smart manufacturing control

Production and assembly departments can be controlled smartly and efficiently using Shop Floor Control. In addition, Isah provides integration with your pick-and-place machines or SMD machines, allowing everything to be controlled from one central location. 

As a manufacturer in the electronics assembly industry, Isah enables you to deliver optimum logistics and planning performance.


With the use of Isah ERP software, electronics companies experience greater efficiency on a daily basis.

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