Bodywork manufacturing

Producing small series at low cost

With the use of Isah ERP, body workers can control the production of specials and one of a kind products as well as the processes for batch productions and series constructions. 


Product life cycle management with Isah ERP

The control of body work processes are specific and requires a sophisticated solution. Isah provides the right tools for this. An intelligent product configurator and the integration of your CAD/PDM application together with Isah ERP, supports both engineer-to-order and configure-to-order. In addition, Shop Floor Control allows you to manage your production floor in an efficient manner.

There is also an increasing focus on digitalizing service and object management. All items delivered to customers can be managed both technically and administratively with Isah, allowing you to manage the complete product lifecycle of a delivered trailer or truck from system.


Isah users since the beginning

Several body work companies are using Isah since the beginning. The industry is diverse, and so are Isah's customers. Customers are active in the trailer builder industry and the truck and car conversion industry. But also manufacturers of motorized agricultural machinery use Isah on a daily basis to achieve their business goals. 


With the help of Isah ERP software, body workers experience greater efficiency on a daily basis.

Ready to work more efficiently and with greater flexibility?

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