Ensure data synchronization between engineering and logistics 

With Isah Engineering, you benefit from an interactive data exchange between the CAD and PDM application and functionalities within the ERP application.


Integration between your CAD/PDM and ERP

Given that 3D CAD stands as the engineering standard, bridging the information gap between engineering and production is crucial. With the Isah integration, you can access Isah screens from within your CAD/PDM application or transfer information from Isah to your CAD environment to add details about the parts directly to the drawing. Isah's centralized storage facilitates data reuse, eliminating the need for redundant entries. This not only saves time but also significantly improves accuracy by preventing errors in presenting dimensions, weights, quantities, and other details.


From engineering to production

Isah's engineering integration allows you to transfer the CAD/PDM bill of materials (including data on structure, quantities, and dimensions) to the production calculation in Isah. You have the flexibility to choose between two paths: either via individual items or via an engineering bill of materials for the production calculation.


Standard items and engineer-to-order

If you frequently produce certain standard items, synchronization via base items is the most convenient choice. In such cases, it's a good idea to capture as much logistical data as possible within the item. This way, you can reuse this data when reproducing the item.

If you're producing a particular product only once, it's better to synchronize it via so-called engineering items. The structure of the model designed in 3D CAD often differs from the structure on which the final product is produced. To reconcile this difference, Isah has introduced engineering items — an individual entity where the 3D model can be recorded. This allows you to create an engineering bill of materials from engineering items and articles.


The benefits of Isah Engineering.

No matter which application you use, an engineering integration with Isah is always possible. In addition to standard integrations with AutoCAD, Inventor and Solidworks, CAD suppliers have realized various CAD/PDM links with Isah.

Discover the smart information exchange between your CAD/PDM application and ERP.

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