Concrete industry

Get all your business processes standardized with Isah

Isah has extensive experience in the precast concrete industry. As an integral part of Isah ERP, we offer specific functionality to optimize processes in your precast concrete company.


Continuous monitoring of your production planning

To ensure prompt delivery in the concrete industry, your production planning must be continuously coordinated with the project and assembly planning. Isah ERP provides crucial components such as project and preparation planning, calculations, technical drawing management and CAD-connections. But also pouring-, conversion- and delivery planning, purchasing, freight allocation and time registration.

Therefore, as a concrete company, you can be assured of optimized business processes, cost savings, and greater returns. Isah provides better monitoring and control of your projects, giving you real-time insight into time and money spent. This control reduces incidental overtime, failure costs, and indirect costs, making your company more efficient and cost-effective.


With the help of Isah ERP software, concrete companies experience more efficiency.

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