Metal industry

Smart supply chain integration with Isah

The supply chain in the metals industry is going digital at a rapid pace. Whether you are a supplier of components, a sheet metal fabricator, or a designer of co-engineered products, Isah provides metal companies with the right tools to manage their processes efficiently.


Digitalization of the order and production process

With Isah ERP, your metal company has a single integrated solution that covers all processes from sales and purchasing to planning and delivery within your manufacturing company. 

Quotations with customer-specific technical data and drawings are automatically configured and transferred to production via the planning system. With Isah Shop Floor Control, you have full visibility of the planning and progress of current orders in the factory. In addition, all information is available digital and in realtime, greatly reducing the risk of errors.


Start integrated working

Isah customers in the metal industry work integrated with their machines and automated storage and picking systems. Sheet metal storage systems also work integrated with Isah. The result is an always up-to-date and conclusive stock and work-in-progress situation and a significant increase in the efficiency of the entire business process.


With the help of Isah ERP software, metal companies experience greater efficiency on a daily basis.

Ready to work more efficiently and with greater flexibility?

Your organization can also streamline operations through the digitalization of the production process. Curious about the possibilities? Our specialists are here to assist and think along with you.