Project Management

Enhance control over costs and project progress with Isah Project Management 

Isah Project Management provides project-based manufacturing companies with extensive functionality for managing large projects. That way, more complex projects can be divided into subproject phases, ensuring better control over planning and costs. 


Full insight at all times

Isah Project Management module is seamlessly incorporated into Isah, encompassing sales and production orders. This cohesive integration allows for a holistic view of intricate sales and production frameworks across all projects.

Within the module, you can create an initial project outline and allocate budgets for various project components. As the project progresses, you can integrate order and production details into the project data. This provides a comprehensive view, allowing you to compare actual progress and costs with the initial estimates. This seamless integration allows for effortless adjustments to the project plan and spendings, streamlining both planning and cost management.


Starting and managing projects

Within Isah, each project has its own home screen displaying general information. With a single click, you can access the project sections containing various components, such as activities, subprojects or milestones.

Each project section offers two screens: a planning screen (with planning data) and a financial screen (with budget data). You can easily switch between screens, allowing quick access to both types of information.


The benefits of Isah Project Management.

Isah Project Management is a user-friendly solution for monitoring the planning of your projects.

Learn everything about managing your projects with Isah Project Management. 

Ready to efficiently manage your projects?

Your organization can also begin using an integrated solution to manage larger projects, encompassing planning and cost management. Curious about the possibilities? Our specialists are here to assist and think along with you.