With our Smart Industry concept, the digital factory is within reach.

The Dutch manufacturing industry faces strong global competition. The way to keep up with this competition is innovation. Products are also becoming more complex, making collaboration in networks even more important. Companies often do not have all competencies at hand. The call for chain integration is therefore growing. The easy exchange of information between the companies in the network is an essential condition for this.

The emergence of smart industry concepts makes it possible to produce in an even more customer-oriented way with very short delivery times and a high degree of flexibility. With the emergence of new technologies, it is possible to achieve better cost control combined with higher productivity. More revenue with the same number of people is what Isah customers manage to achieve. And that is good news at a time when there is a large shortage of true professionals.

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Active in all branches of the manufacturing industry



Concrete Industry

The demand for faster, cheaper and sustainable construction processes is growing. Pre-assembled concrete companies therefore have a lot of specialized knowledge. As an integral part of Isah ERP, we offer specific functionality to optimize processes in your pre-assembled concrete company. Read more

Construction Supply

The construction supply industry is taking profit from increased demand for homes, commercial buildings and infrastructure. Isah’s construction supply customers are specialized in numerous products and technologies. Read more

Bodywork Construction

The Dutch Bodywork Construction industry is known for its high quality and service orientation. Several bodywork construction industry are first-time Isah users. Read more


The electronics industry is a highly technological industry where product innovation, and definitely production innovation, is in people’s DNA. Isah and its customers in electronics are constantly challenging each other on the cutting edge of ICT and logistics excellence. Read more

Plastics processing industry

In the plastics processing industry, there is continuous focus on shaping capabilities and innovation of production technologies. Isah customers are for example specialized in plastic machining, plastic welding, extrusion and injection molding. Read more

Machine building

Machine and equipment builders who quickly provide customer-specific solutions can take advantage. A Product Life Cycle strategy, integrally managed with Isah, is based on knowledge management: from R&D/engineering, production, assembly to delivery, assembly and service & maintenance. Read more


The Dutch maritime industry is large, diverse and has a leading position in the world. Many companies within the maritime technology cluster and the on- and offshore industry manage their activities with Isah. Read more


Speed, precision and high-quality knowledge characterize the mechatronics industry.  Isah’s customers in mechatronics benefit from the precision that Isah can provide in supporting business processes as well. Read more

Metal industry

The metal supply industry is digitizing at a rapid pace. Isah customers in the metal industry work integrated with their machinery and automated storage and order picking systems. Sheet warehouse systems also work integrated with Isah. Read more

Furniture industry

Furniture manufacturers, interior designers and suppliers of semi-finished products need to respond to the increasing need for customization at the same cost as a mass-produced product. With the Isah Product Configurator, you can standardize processes so that your customer can choose while still opting for standard customization! Read more

Steel Construction

Companies making steel structures for utilities and industry have been supported by Isah ERP Software for many years. This also applies to specialized greenhouse construction. Read more