Isah focust op uw rendement | Business Software

The company

Isah is the result of practice in the manufacturing industry. That is reflected in our software, the way in which we work and in our corporate culture. Isah was founded in 1987 and through the years has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in every sector of the manufacturing industry: from large to small companies and from national organisations to international players. Isah business software offers the full functionality a manufacturing company needs, as standard.

Here’s what we stand for


Focus on your returns

Intensive collaboration and knowledge-sharing

Continuous ongoing development of the product

Support for your international ambitions


Just like you, we have a great passion for the manufacturing industry. Many of our employees worked in the manufacturing industry themselves before joining Isah. They understand the culture, speak the language and know what is important.

With Isah, you can count on a company that achieves efficient business processes and cost savings. Our IT environment underpins your strategy. We know what keeps you busy and understand your products and processes. So we can respond to your personal requirements.