International partnerships

Isah works with governments and sector organisations throughout the world to promote the manufacturing industry’s position. The Manufacturing Accelerator Programme (MAP) that was jointly initiated by Isah is one example of this. MAP is a unique integrated approach that has been developed by Isah. The approach enables manufacturing companies to systematically increase their productivity and profitability within three years. The i2i-platform (industry 2 industry) to promote trade with the German-speaking market is another example of an Isah initiative. Isah customers benefit immediately from the opportunities this offers in new markets.

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Used worldwide

Isah business sis use worldwide by different organisation in the manufacturing industry. For international manufacturing companies with multiple international offices, Isah provides real-time insight into the planning, progress and profitability of their business. Isah has branches of its own in several countries throughout the world and works with locally-based and certified partners.

International partnerships

Isah is involved globally in various initiatives in the manufacturing industry. We work together with different leading organisations and industry associations. Below is a brief summary of our international partnerships:

  • The German engineering association VDMA (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau e.V.): we are in dialogue with Germany’s biggest employers about, among other things, Industry 4.0 and the significance of new developments in the manufacturing industry for the functionality and architecture of our software.
  • Canada’s Technology Triangle: this organisation has entered into an intensive collaboration with Brainport Eindhoven.
  • The Netherlands Enterprise Agency RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland): for incoming matchmaking missions, among other things.
  • MAP programme: an initiative jointly set up by Isah with various government and sector organisations in South Africa. You can find more information on the MAP website.

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