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Our software allows you to respond continually to new demands, new requirements and new developments in the market. And that is where was have focused our development process too. Isah increases your power, speed and capacity to adapt by bringing out new releases every year. Whatever the future brings, with Isah you’ll be with the latest technologies to keep you successful.

Make it with Isah

Develop with the Scrum methodology

Isah works according to the Scrum development methodology. All the product changes required, such as new products, modules, extensions or minor refinements to existing parts are managed on a product backlog in Scrum. The Isah Scrum Development teams develop in periods of two weeks (sprints), each a part of the backlog. At the end of the sprint, a working, improved version of our products is ready. The product innovations are demonstrated in the sprint review, and if necessary the priorities or content of the backlog is updated for the following sprints.



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Chris Sijtsma, Carel Martens, Suzan van den Eijnde en Sasan Adami
From the team Research & Development

Adopt new technologies faster

Working with Scrum makes the development process transparent and we are flexible. With Scrum, we enable you to adopt new technological and functional possibilities faster. To realise our ambitions in this area, we invest continuously in automated systems to support development, build and testing. The automatic tests guarantee that the functionalities of all products are correct. Any discrepancies are reported. Of course we don’t bring new new releases to the market every two week, once a year is enough. But we are prepared for anything.



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John Flemingon, Product Owner


Always ready for the future

Functionality, usability, technology: these are the three starting points that Isah always sets of from. Our aim is to offer our customers the best in class in terms of functionality and ease-of-use. That is why we work with the very latest technologies that are available. And… we never stand still. Innovation is a process that characterises every day.


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Sander van Broekhoven, Developer

Software from an eminent environment

Isah software is developed and maintained in an eminent environment:

  1. Automatic process of testing, reporting: high level of quality.
  2. More flexibility and speed: external development teams are easy to plug in, everyone speaks the same language and uses the same tools. An extra team – anywhere in the world – is up & running almost immediately.
  3. Near to what’s happening: close contact between product owner, development team and the customer.
  4. Transparent and flexible:
    • Annually two releases
    • Faster adaptation in organisation
    • Uniformity in processes helps organisation to make choices



On the photo:
Mark de Waal, Developer

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