Isah Shop Floor Control offers you full insight into the progress of current orders

Isah Shop Floor Control is an application that provides up-to-date insight into the work to be carried out. 100% paperless. Via a touch screen, you see all the relevant information immediately: the hours, the usage and the output. This gives you better insight into progress and allows you to give other parties information about order status. So you can work more efficiently, and offer better customer service.

Make it with Isah

How Shop Floor Control works

Working more efficiently is partly because you see only those orders that you can actually work on. And you won’t waste any more time collecting specifications. Recording is fast, simple and immediate too. You can see the precise progress of your current orders at any time. It also makes recording hours that bit easier. Inputting timesheets retrospectively is definitely a thing of the past.

One of the biggest benefits of Shop Floor Control (SFC) is that all the information is available in real-time. There is much less chance of errors as a result. Its user-friendliness is another important plus point. Everyone on the production floor needs to find it easy to work with. The application is therefore easy to operate and all the information is displayed clearly with photos and images You don’t need to remember or scan codes, you simply press on the right image on your screen. It’s easy for everyone to use.

Recording & managing

With Isah Shop Floor Control, you not only record on the production floor, you also manage your production staff more effectively. Users have direct insight into the work to be carried out. On the basis of scheduled processes, workers can see exactly which orders should be fulfilled.

Nothing gets lost

There’s no need to print production documents and associated drawings any more. You can see all the process instructions in the memo field of the process line. And all the materials you need appear with a single click of the button. Papers don’t get lost and there’s no more working with the wrong versions of drawings.

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