Isah Time Registration gives you easy control of time and hours

Cost-driven management requires accurate time registration, as for most companies the workforce represents their biggest expense. Time registration will give you an insight into work time, overtime, leave and other information, which enables you to make timely adjustments and drive down organization costs.

In addition to valuable management information, the Isah Time Registration module also provides benefits to the employees within an organization. The app greatly reduces the time they spend registering their hours, by offering a convenient week report in which they can enter their hours. Employees can also submit digital leave requests, and they can view their current leave balance. Supervisors can view and authorize the employees’ hours and leave requests.

Make it with Isah

Quick registration of hours & leave

  • Easy to enter direct, indirect and absence hours afterwards
  • Convenient week report & options to navigate to past & future weeks
  • Visibility of direct hours registered using Shop Floor Control & Mobile Field Service
  • Easy submission & approval of leave requests

Easy entry & access

  • Online application meets ‘anytime & anyplace’ requirement
  • Simple to enter and copy hour lines
  • Convenient access for supervisors
  • Up-to-date view of leave balance

Easy control of time & hours

  • All hours in one central place – no need for import from or link with other systems
  • Save time on record keeping
  • Immediate detection of administrative backlog
  • Employee & supervisor authorization workflow ensures reliable data

Interested in quick time and leave registration?

Download the leaflet about Time Registration