Isah Project Management offers project-based companies extensive functionalities and analysis options

Large, one-off projects can deviate from the forecast in terms of both planning and costs. With Isah Project Management, you can manage complex sales and production structures for all projects. Isah Project Management provides insight into actual progress and costs compared with the original estimates. So you can make adjustments based on both planning and costs. The impacts of this on ultimate returns are immediately apparent.

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How Isah Projectmanagement works

With Isah Project Management, you can manage sales and production structures for all your projects. Each project has its own start screen containing general data. It takes just one click to jump to the details, where project lines show different elements of the project. Each project line has two screens: a planning screen and a financial screen. In this way, you can call up both types of information quickly.

You will find the project structure in the project screen. Here, you can quickly add lines in a tree structure and indent these lines to create a breakdown. You can set up a complete project in just a few minutes.

It is possible to deploy Isah Project Management in a completely tailored way within your organisation. Depending on how you manage projects within your business and what details you want to see, you determine what elements you want to use.

Insight in project financial data

In the financial screen, you can view the details of a project. Here, you see an overview of the budget, the pre-calculation, the post-calculation, the amount invoiced, the cost forecast and the projected results. The financial screen provides options to flag up discrepancies and make them transparent.

It is possible to manage each project line financially. This allows to gives an estimate in units or in costs and revenue. By linking the project line to the sales order structure, you can keep an eye on the difference between your initial budget and the actual order information. The projected result allows you to calculate the expected project result while the project is running.

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