Isah Mobile Field Service enables you to digitally manage your service employees

Today’s customers are placing ever-increasing demands on service speed and quality. It is essential that the work itself is performed proficiently and quickly. The same is true, however, for the administrative and financial processes involved. The Isah Mobile Field Service application meets these needs. It gives service employees an insight into their scheduled tasks, and it allows them to register material usage, costs and hours on the go. It is easy and paperless. All information is immediately available in Isah, allowing the office-based staff to process the data quickly. Service is the future of the manufacturing industry. Mobile Field Service allows you to meet customer expectations in this regard, which will structurally increase customer satisfaction!

Make it with Isah

Paperless management of service employees

  • Overview of scheduled tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Open linked documents & add documents
  • Digital customer signature to sign off the task completion
  • Support for online & offline use; information is updated when there is an Internet connection

Increased productivity

  • All relevant task details, including the service history, are always within reach
  • Easy registration of material usage, hours and costs
  • Real-time status display (for example, En route, Work in progress, and Complete)
  • Direct time registration avoids double record keeping
  • Engineers are able to create service tasks themselves

Smart way to ensure satisfied customers

  • Seamless integration between field staff & office-based staff
  • Real-time registration prevents administrative errors
  • Faster invoicing
  • Improved management of stock in service vehicles

Interested in paperless management of your service employees?

Download the leaflet about Mobile Field Service