The manufacturing industry is changing incredibly rapidly. That demands flexibility, the ability to keep pace and to adapt where necessary. Your Isah Business Consultant will help you to step up and stay at the top.

From the moment that you decide to use Isah, your Isah Business Consultant and his team will be there to support you with advice and practical help. The Business Consultant works intensively with you and is familiar with the sector markets you operate in. You work with the Business Consultant to define your path and pace to continuous improvement. All with a focus on the future and continuity.

Make it with Isah

Same Business Consultant

To support you optimally, we believe it is important to get to know your organisation well. If our Business Consultants get to know your business better, they can ensure that projects are delivered more effectively and efficiently. We optimise your internal organisation as effectively as possible so you can focus fully on your customers.


On the photo:
Business Consultant Jeroen van der Male


Focus on results

Our Business Consultants’ approach is focused on results. We translate your vision and ambitions into concrete development objectives. Our Business Consultant is an expert partner for discussions and will work with you to define your IT roadmap. This so-called IT roadmap forms the compass for an ongoing and long-term route to improvement. It is how we ensure that you can achieve your strategic aims. Your Business Consultant will also work with you to review how we can optimise processes. Always with the focus on efficiency, cost reduction and flexibility.


On the photo:
Business Consultant André van der Veer

For you and your organization

If you engage one of our Business Consultants, you truly do get someone that is there for you and your organisation. Manager Business Consultancy Wim Bogaard: “What we see in a lot of organisations is knee-jerk reaction. Businesses suddenly make a big effort to redesign a process and train people. After which, they do nothing at all for a time. We say: don’t let it get that far and maintain your knowledge and effort at an adequate level so that you can continue to benefit optimally from the functionality. So if you continually take small steps, there is not such a heavy burden on your organisation and you will be better prepared for changes. After all, the world is changing, your organisation is changing, your employees are changing, your products are changing and your sales and service channels are changing. All of that has an impact on the demands that you need to make of your IT.”



On the photo:
Business Consultant Laurens Kuipers

Maintain knowledge

Not only do we look at your IT roadmap and business objectives, we also reviewing your employees’ level of knowledge about our software: when we roll our new functionalities, we ensure that this knowledge is maintained.



On the photo:
Business Consultant Jan Doggen

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